Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the cottage?

Once final payment is made you will be sent a Welcome Sheet via email. The Welcome Sheet will include access instructions and the code to the automated entry system at the cottage to check-in and check-out at your leisure. All the other info you will need will be located in the cottage binder at the cottage (code to the hot tub, wireless internet codes, etc.).


Q: Can I Check-in Early and/or Out Late?

Probably not. Our cleaners manage multiple cottages and need all the time available to get the cottage ready for the next guest. Have a look at the calendar, if there is no one checking out the day you are checking in or vice versa for check-out, send us an email to make a request.


Q: Is Firewood Provided? 

Firewood is not provided and can be obtained at Foodland, the Gas Station or roadside vendors between the cottage and Tobermory on the highway. Please burn only hardwood firewood, no scrap wood and definitely not wood salvaged from outside the cottage. 


Q: What is the Coffee maker Situation?

There is a regular grind coffee maker that uses basket filters and a K-cup coffee maker at each cottage. There are typically lots of filters at the cottage or they can be easily obtained at Foodland.


Q: Are there kayaks or canoes provided?

No, however our cleaners run a kayak rental business on the side. You can arrange kayak rentals with delivery to the cottage by contacting Amparo at 416-455-5814.


Q: What Is Provided At The Cottage?

Basic rule of thumb for the cottage: if it is consumable or needs to be laundered then it is not provided.  A few exceptions are noted below.


Toiletries, Soap, etc.

Toilet paper is restocked between rentals (one spare roll per bathroom) and there are hand soap dispensers at each sink, otherwise nothing is provided in the way of toiletries.  Dish soap and dishwasher soap is provided.

You will need to bring:


Bedding and Towels

Bedding is not included automatically in your booking but can be added as an optional service. The bedding service includes full bedding for one room and towels for 2 people and can be reserved for multiple rooms. 

If you are providing your own bedding you need to bring:


TV, Stereo and Internet

At each of the cottages the internet is DSL over a phone line. It is fast enough to stream regular resolution video via Netflix or AppleTV. There is Wi-Fi coverage throughout the cottages and most of the exterior decking.

Tobermory Cottage: TV in living room with streaming connection and a DVD player. Second TV in 3rd bedroom Chromecast for streaming content.

Orchid Trail: TV in Great Room with streaming connection. Second TV in Master Bedroom with streaming connection and AppleTV. 

Cedar Shoals. Smart TV in Great Room with streaming connection. Second Smart TV in Master Bedroom with streaming connection. Third TV in 3rd bedroom with Chromecast. Bluetooth stereo in Great Room.   

We find that guests prefer to use their own Netflix account for streaming, contact us upon arrival if you need to use the cottage account and we will provide log-in info.


Spices and Basic Kitchen Supplies

Salt and pepper shakers are provided as well as salt and pepper for refilling, otherwise no food or spices are provided.

The kitchen is well stocked with everything you might need for cooking.  Pretty much anything that is in our kitchen at home is at the cottage. 


Q: Is there a BBQ? 

Yes! It's not a cottage without a BBQ. We provide two propane cylinders and BBQ tools are in the kitchen.


Q: Is Drinking Water Necessary?

The water at the cottages comes from a well, is filtered and is fine for drinking.  Drinking water is not necessary.


Q: Are There Laundry Facilities At the Cottage?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer at each of our cottages.