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The Fathom Five National Park is the diving capital of Canada. The cool, fresh waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron preserve centuries old shipwrecks and hold spectacular underwater scenery.

The place to arrange both snorkeling and diving activities in Tobermory is Divers Den

Click on the Snorkeling or Diving links below for more information on how to book activities.


You don't need to be a strong swimmer to snorkel the shipwrecks of Fathom Five National Park. Divers Den will set you up with all the gear on a 2 or 4 hour snorkel tour over multiple wrecks that are in 10 to 20 feet of water. The crystal clear water of Lake Huron is perfect for seeing the details of the wrecks.

If you have your own gear, the wrecks in Little Tub Harbour can be snorkeled from shore. Maps are available at the park office or at Divers Den.

Scuba Diving

Not a certified diver? No problem. Try a Discover Scuba Diving Experience. No previous experience is required to dive the wrecks in Little Tub Harbour. Certified divers can charter half day, 2-tank dives to a range of wrecks and sites in and outside the national park. Divers Den also offers the full range of PADI courses if you would like to get certified in Tobermory.