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Q: Are there kayaks or canoes provided?

No, unfortunately due to insurance requirements we are unable to provide watercraft at any of our cottages.

Q: What Is Provided At The Cottage?

Basic rule of thumb for the cottage: if it is consumable or needs to be laundered then it is not provided.  A few exceptions are noted below.

Toiletries, Soap, etc.

Toilet paper is restocked between rentals (one spare roll per bathroom) and there are hand soap dispensers at each sink, otherwise nothing is provided in the way of toiletries.  Dish soap and dishwasher soap is provided. You will need to bring:

  • Shampoo, body soap and any personal toiletries.
  • As toilet paper is depleted you will need to replenish, backup toilet paper is not provided.  
  • One roll of paper towel is provided for cleaning, but bring additional if you like to have paper towel in the kitchen.
  • Clothes and towels for the kitchen.

Bedding and Towels

Please note, due to concerns regarding COVID-19 we no longer offer linen and towel service and no longer provide pillows on each bed.  A mattress proctor is provided on each bed, you are required to launder the mattress protector prior to departure.

You need to bring:

  • Fitted sheets (King bed in the master, queen bed in the second bedroom and twin and single beds in the third bedroom.
  • Blankets and flat sheets
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Bath towels, hand towels and face clothes
  • Don’t forget linens for the kitchen (dish clothes, dish towels, etc.)

TV, Stereo and Internet

At each of the cottages the internet is DSL over a phone line. It is fast enough to stream regular resolution video via Netflix or AppleTV. There is Wi-Fi coverage throughout the cottages and most of the exterior decking.

Tobermory Cottage: TV in Great Room with Bell Satellite and a DVD player. Second TV in 3rd bedroom with a first generation Nintendo Wii with a handful of games. Can also access Netflix.

Orchid Trail: TV in Great Room with Bell Satellite. Second TV in Master Bedroom with Bell Satellite and AppleTV. Streaming audio via player in Great Room and in-wall speakers.

Cedar Shoals. Smart TV in Great Room with Bell Satellite. Second Smart TV in Master Bedroom with Bell Satellite. Third TV in 3rd bedroom with Chromecast. Bluetooth stereo in Great Room.   

Spices and Basic Kitchen Supplies

Salt and pepper shakers are provided as well as salt and pepper for refilling, otherwise no food or spices are provided.

The kitchen is well stocked with everything you might need for cooking.  Pretty much anything that is in our kitchen at home is at the cottage.  There is a regular grind coffee maker and a K-cup coffee maker at each cottage.

Q: Is Firewood Provided? 

Firewood is not provided and can be obtained at Stedmans. In the winter when Stedmans may be closed, firewood can be obtained at the grocery store or the gas station. You will need to bring kindling, newspaper and firewood. Please burn only hardwood firewood, no scrap wood and definitely not wood salvaged from outside the cottage. The firewood stacked beside the garage is our personal stash, please don't steal from our stash!!

Q: Is there a BBQ? 

Yes! It's not a cottage without a BBQ. We provide two propane cylinders and BBQ tools are in the kitchen.

Q: Is Drinking Water Necessary?

The water at the cottages comes from a well, is filtered and is fine for drinking.  Drinking water is not necessary.

Q: Are There Laundry Facilities At the Cottage?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer at each of our cottages.