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We moved from British Columbia to Ontario in 2009 and started exploring the parks in Southwestern Ontario with our travel trailer. The second summer in Ontario we visited the Bruce Peninsula National Park. We fell in love with the dramatic coastline of Georgian Bay which reminded us so much of coastal BC. Of course, the cedar trees are much smaller and the water is decidedly less salty but otherwise it was just like home.

We visited the national park in August, returned two weeks later to look at real estate and in October we took possession of our first cottage, Tobermory Cottage. To us, Tobermory Cottage was the quintessential Georgian Bay cottage with the limestone rock details and the the pine flooring and walls.

We enjoyed our time in Tobermory so much, the following year we used the proceeds from the sale of a partnership to purchase a second cottage, Huron Cedars. We were sold by the incredible outdoor space at that cottage and the ability to have a dock in the sheltered cove on the waterfront. For the next four years we offered those two cottages for rental and alternated our time between the two.

In 2016, a lot auctioned by the municipality for unpaid taxes was too good to pass up. On that lot we built our dream cottage, Orchid Trail. The cottage is designed by Linwood Homes who are located in Delta BC and specialize in West Coast style homes. We thought that style would perfectly suit Tobermory with its Douglas Fir post and beam construction. We used local contractors for framing and exterior finishing and we did the interior finishing all ourselves. It turned out to be a lot more work than we anticipated, but we couldn't be happier with the result. Everything in Orchid Trail has a story, such as the v-match siding in the master bedroom salvaged from the former barn on the property or the yellow cedar island top in the kitchen milled from wood cleared from the property.

In 2018 we sold Huron Cedars and started construction on a new property, Cedar Shoals. We again drew on the expertise of Linwood Homes to custom design this West Coast inspired design. Cedar Shoals is very much in the spirit of Orchid Trail but is more refined and less rustic. The due west aspect of this cottage provide absolutely incredible sunset views.

When you visit our cottages you are staying in a cottage we hand picked (or hand built) for our own use. The cottages are set up with families in mind but small groups will also find the cottages very comfortable. We manage the cottages ourselves, do all the maintenance and stay at all three when they are not rented.

We are proud to share our family cottages with you and provide a base for you to explore Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula.